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Best Steampunk Party Ideas

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

If you have reached this blog you probably already know what steampunk is. But if you don't...Steampunk is a mix of science fiction that has a historical setting (1800's/Victorian) and typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology. Key elements include: gears, skeleton keys, aviator goggles, tail coat jackets, top hats, and complex machinery.

Now...on to what you're here for, the awesome party ideas!


Since steampunk is all about mixing vintage with cool technology, get the best of both worlds with a Steampunk Video Invite! The design is perfectly steampunk and the tech makes it quick and easy to send!

steampunk outfit idea board


Having everyone dress the part is key to a successful steampunk party. Here are some important items you'll want to consider for a great steampunk party costume.

  • One of the most common fashion items associated with steampunk style is the top hat, accessorized with goggles, gears and any number of extras! Make sure to check out various choices to find one that best represents your style!

  • Long Victorian style jackets are a great choice for both men and women. Black, Brown, Copper and Burgundy/Red, are colors often associated with this genre, and often feature ornate fabric designs.

  • For the ladies, dark brown ruffled skirts are a lovely choice, paired with a leather belt and a corset style top. Or this corset style belt paired with a victorian blouse is also a great option!

  • For men, you'll want to wear victorian trousers, paired with a vintage shirt. Adding a vest with a pocket watch would complete the vintage steampunk look.

  • For kids (and adults), there are also some great steampunk costumes that include a little bit of everything for both boys and girls!

  • The steampunk look is rarely minimalistic. So the more accessories, the better. A Hip Belt adds to the complexity of your outfit and can replace a purse or wallet for any items you need to carry with you. With a multitude of zippers, rivets and metallic accents, these waist belts will help you achieve an iconic steampunk look.

  • In the steampunk world, leather cuffs and leather bracelets are staples for both men and women. And if you don't want the bulk of a waist belt, you might consider the Wrist Cuff Wallet which is a perfect way to blend steampunk style with purpose. It provides a perfect hiding place for cash or any other small essentials you may need.

  • For those that prefer the metallic look over leather, Copper metal bracelets or other steampunk jewelry is the way to go!

  • Gloves can also be a great way to accessorize. Check out these leather steampunk gloves or mechanical steampunk glove for men, or an array of steampunk gloves for women.

  • If you're serious about your steampunk look, be sure you're outfitted from head to toe. Check out these women's boots or mens boots to complete your look!

  • Pocket Watches are a really cool way to accessorize! There are many steampunk style pocket watches out there, with plenty of option to choose from. Most are in the $30 range, which isn't bad for a pocket watch. But if you are looking for a more budget friendly option, this one is perfect! For something even more vintage, this sundial compass watch would be a great add to any costume. For women who don't want to carry a pocket watch, these bracelet watches fit the bill perfectly!

  • And last, but certainly not least...the goggles. Goggles pair perfectly with any steampunk outfit and tie it all together. We love these compass style goggles with colored lenses. And if you want to be sure everyone at the party has a little steampunk a 10 pack of goggles to give out to all of your guests.

steampunk clock with map and gears


Whether you're having a party at home or renting a space for a larger affair, we've gathered some very cool steampunk items that will help your space feel like you've gone back in time to a perfectly awesome steampunk era. Be sure to include antique metals such as brass, bronze and copper, along with warm tan and brown tones for an authentic vintage feel.

steampunk table with edison lamp and vintage books


Don't forget to decorate your tables! For smaller parties, you may just want to decorate your snack or gift tables. For larger events, we've included plenty of options to be sure each table has some steampunk flair.

  • Invite guests to write a special note to the guest of honor. Designate a single table, with an ornate leather journal for guests to sign in or write something special to the person being honored at your celebration. For a wedding or larger party, include something at each guest table, so notes can be written as time allows without anyone waiting in line. A steampunk box filled with vintage paper and envelopes would be a beautiful centerpiece for each table and this stationery set includes wax seal stickers, which will be a fun way for guests to seal up their message.

  • Old Fashioned skeleton keys and small gears of varied metals can be placed randomly across your tables. A nice mix of gears and clocks may be the perfect way to achieve this look! There are many great options like this to add to the historical and metallic feel of steampunk.

  • A nice solid centerpiece is always a nice touch. You might consider a Vintage Telescope on a larger table and a collection of smaller antiquities at smaller guest tables. Steampunk can be very eclectic, so it's better if each table has a little something different. Here are a few items that might be cool options.

• Hourglass with teal sand to add some color

• A brass compass that has a nice solid vintage feel

• A brass hourglass with natural sand to stay neutral

• Stacks of vintage books

A steampunk box filled with vintage paper and envelopes (see previous bullet point)

steampunk party favors


If you'd like to send your guests home with something, there are some fun options to consider, which could work just as nicely for a birthday party or a full wedding reception.

  • For something to give out at the beginning of the party, consider a 10 pack of goggles to be sure everyone looks the part, and let guests take them home after the party!

  • Old Fashioned skeleton keys tied to a small mesh bag of goodies, makes for a stylish party favor that everyone will love.

  • Fill tiny vintage suitcases with chocolates or trinkets. These are so stinkin' cute!

  • Tiny compasses! Or if you want to add other little items, this set is complete with compasses, mesh bags and tags!

  • Tiny glass jars would be a fun party favor or craft to be taken home. Provide colored sand to fill the jars and let guests add their choice of vintage key or other decor to make their own necklace!

  • Another charming gift for your guests, are Tiny brass hourglasses which would be a lovely way to remember the special times they had at your event.

steampunk playing cards


If you're looking to fill your party with fun games or crafts, we have a few suggestions! You'll have to be the judge on which ones fit with the type of party you're having!

  • Get everyone in on a game of cards with these steampunk playing cards!

  • Play some Parlour Games, a common Victorian past time from the 1800's, to amuse your guests! These hilarious games will break the ice and get your guests laughing...a perfect choice for a dinner party or kids party!

  • Give your guests a challenge and get everyone together for a puzzling night of fun! This 3D clock puzzle will be hours of fun for everyone to build together! This would also be a great challenge for a corporate team building project!

  • For a fun craft, give everyone a small canvas to paint, stamp or decorate! There are so many options that would make for interesting steampunk art pieces. Steampunk stamps, metal gears, skeleton keys, and steampunk paper are great items to provide! To really add your party stamp to each piece of art, have everyone add a special wax seal to their art, to commemorate the party! All you need is a glue gun and some special wax seal sticks, paired with a wax seal stamp! If you want a something truly unique, get a custom wax seal stamp made with your own design! You'll be amazed at what your guests can create and they'll have a beautiful piece of art to take home with them!

the most amazing steampunk wedding cake


An impressive steampunk cake will make a great centerpiece for your party! If you want to go all out, you may need to hire a professional, but if you're ready to do it yourself, here are some ideas to get you started on your own iconic steampunk cake or cupcakes!

Whether your party is small and simple, or large and elaborate, we hope that you've found some great ideas and inspiration here that will make for a Steampunk party to remember! Have fun!

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