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Updated: Mar 17

Whether you have a Trick or Treating party on Halloween or a Fall Festival party a few days before, these ideas are sure to impress your guests!



A candy party is perfect for kids and families to invite their friends Trick or Treating! Anyone who likes candy (aka everyone) will love this idea!

Having a family potluck or a neighborhood block party is a great way to bring everyone together for food and games before heading out to Trick-or-Treat together! Hand out glow sticks to all of your guests before going door-to-door and invite them all back afterwards for a candy trade! We all know everyone has their favorites, so being able to trade out the candy you hate for the candy you love will add extra fun to the night. Get ready for some laughs as you find out who loves candy corn and who doesn't...who loves smarties and tootsie rolls and who the candy snob is who will only eat full size Candy Bars!

Get everyone excited for the big night with these fun video invitations, the latest trend in party invitations, because they are so fun and easy to send!


Halloween Costume Party

If you want a Halloween party with no particular theme, then go for a little bit of everything! Witches, ghosts, skeletons, bats, you name it! Pull out all the stops with spooky snacks, creepy carving, and show off your awesome costume with a costume contest! Best Homemade Costume, Spookiest Costume, Most Original Costume, and even Weirdest Costume make for a great costume contest! If you’re looking for a long party have a pumpkin carving contest! (Why not?) Enchant your guests with a video invite full of spooky surprises and music!


Witch Party

Have a party full of magic with a witch party! Decorate or have a potion making craft at your party with just a few old spice bottles and some food coloring. Mix up some food coloring and water, pour it in a small (possibly ornate) glass bottle and you have yourself a witches' potion! And to make it better, add a label like these for a little extra something! If you have a black cat even better! Get everyone bubbling with excitement for your party with a magical video invite that's sure to impress with magical effects and potions! Party starting early? Make some broom snacks to tide everyone over until candy time!


Monster Party

Welcome to monster mania, monster maniacs! Have a monster party that’s sure to impress your guests with monsters, Monsters, MONSTERS! This one is great for the kids (and you) with monster crafts, games, and food that will have everyone doing the monster mash! Your party will be the talk of the town when you invite your friends to your party with a monstrous video invite!


Haunted House

Spook your friends this Halloween by having a haunted house party that’ll keep them guessing with creeky doors and spooky sound effects! Roll eye ball bouncy balls down the stairs or project your voice from a speaker to completely turn them around. To invite them to this haunted house you’ve created, get an equally spooky video invitation so good they’ll have to come to your spooktacular party!


Purple People Eater Party

If The Purple People Eater song is your favorite Halloween song then this is the Party for you! (And let this inform those who don’t know the Purple People Eater) First, decorate in all purple! Purple streamers, purple lights, purple pillows, purple tables with purple punch...just no purple people! Find out how your friends picture the Purple People Eater with a Purple People Eater drawing contest! Find out who thinks it’s the people who are purple or the eater! (It’s a good question!) Purple People Eater it up just a little more with a Purple People Eater video invite that has a Purple People Eater center stage!

...And that’s an over Purple People Eatered paragraph!


Neon Halloween

Go glow this Halloween with a neon Halloween party! Start by creating these awesome glow in the dark bottles to decorate your space. Encourage your guests to add glowing features to their costumes, and have plenty of glow sticks on hand to give out at the door! Stay in the spooky spirit with this Halloween video invite and get the party started!


Witches Tea Party

Host a Witches Tea Party! Make an array of different teas labeled as witchy elixirs. For a magical color changing tea, use butterfly pea flower to shock and amaze your guests! For a kids party, fill the room with different shaped bottles filled with vibrant colored water potions. For adult parties, fill the room with candles for a vintage evening of spells. Be sure to enchant your guests with a spell binding are a couple of great options! Magical Witches Tea Party

Vintage Witches Tea Party

Have a contest for the best witch hat design, or turn this idea into a fun hat making craft!


Black & White Party

Make this Halloween party a blacktie affair! Decorate with black tablecloths, black and white candles, spiders, spider webs, skeletons, & skulls. Get people dancing with a white strobe light and get the party started! This video invite with a dancing skeleton will rattle your bones and get everyone excited to come to your party!


Witches & Wine

Invite your friends for a Halloween wine tasting with this enchanting video invite. Dim the lights and fill the room with candles, inviting everyone to attend in their best witches costume. Keep it light with hors d'oeuvres and chilling with your best friends or give everyone a chill by pulling out the oujia board for a night of spooky fun!


Mad Hatter

Invite your friends for a night of crazy fun and madness with a Mad Hatter Party! The clock is ticking...hide wonderland themed items around the room and give everyone a scavenger hunt list. The first one with everything on the list wins! Decorate with giant playing cards, black-and-white checker board designs and everything Wonderland! Serve hors d'oeuvres labeled 'eat me' and 'drink me'...and be sure to have a selection of teas in crazy unmatched tea cups, ready for the mad hatter's tea party! Top it off with this mad video invite!


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